In parallel with the development of medical knowledge and technology, the field of medical has also developed and it has become compulsory to check whether the operations in the field of medical are performed in accordance with the legal regulations.

Our legal firm whose members have a broad expertise and experience on medical law, provides services on organising, managing and inspection of medical domain, responsibilities arising from medical surgery / operations, doctor and patient rights, supervision, management and corporate responsibilities for private medical organisations. Furthermore conflicts arising from the notification of medical practice; reimbursement systems, professional liability insurances for employees in medical domain are also deal with.

We not only provide services to the companies which manufacture medicine, medical devices and materials but also to the pharmacies, hospitals, associations and other health institutions in medical domain.

Legal support is provided especially for the problems experienced by pharmacies with reimbursement institutions and drug procurement protocols, preparation of contracts for pharmaceutical raw materials and production, distribution, distribution, clinical researches and hospital licensing processes of pharmaceutical and medical companies.

We also provide assistance to our clients with regards to compliance with regulatory rules in CE, UBB transactions by combining our knowledge of medical products with our experience,

Services are provided for the preparation of national and international contracts on medical tourism, establishment of liaison and branch offices, and regulation of legal texts between foreign patients and medical institutions.

Our law firm, which believes in the continuity of education, is also a pioneer in education activities aimed at raising awareness in the field of medical law.Our office has given lots of courses and seminars so far to the lawyers and medical professionals who works across Turkey.The book titled “Consequencies of Bad Practice in Medical Operations” which was written by Atty. Berna ÖZPINAR GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU, and the articles written by Atty. Pınar AKSOY GÜLASLAN on “medical law”, “patient and doctors’ rights”, “professional liability insurance”, “legal conflicts arising from the notification of medical practice” are only a bunch of examples.

Useful informations are regulary provided to the publications well known by the sector on a monthly basis in addition medical professionals and lawyers are informed by the e-bulletins prepared by our office.

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