Legal Services contains legal representation and performing advocacy with regards to all kinds of applications and cases to be held in the courts of the Republic of Turkey and International Arbitration Authorities. In addition, it includes legal remedies such as the execution of enforcement proceedings for the collection of receivables.

  • Delivering verbal or written opinion on legal issues
  • Taking all kinds of legal measures regarding legal problems and starting legal proceedings without delay
  • File suit on allkind of matters
  • Responding to on going law suits
  • Representation of induviduals and legal entities in all cases
  • Making legal correspondence
  • Following documents and evidence
  • Responding to the law suits against and monitoring
  • Participation in legal processes such as hearing, discovery and foreclosure,
  • All kinds of legal actions against the decisions taken against
  • Enforcement of decisions
  • Collection of receivables through enforcement proceedings
  • Performing all kinds of lawsuits, foreclosures and other transactions arising from enforcement proceedings for the collection of receivables.
  • Follow-up of legal transactions such as bankruptcy, postponement of bankruptcy, concordat

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